Board Form Detail

This doesn’t look like what one pictures when seeing the words “Board Form”. This photo represents the actual board that is forming the concrete to make it look ultimately like board form concrete we all know. Simple frills, I know, but it’s cool. I think the metal wedged tie backs are so clever and smart. Especially an entire wall of …

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Contemporary House in Rock Creek’s Ridge at Sun Up Bay

More great winter photos of a unique project on almost five acres hugging it’s own beach on Lake Coeur d’Alene, in Rock Creek’s Ridge at Sun Up Bay. The foundation was just poured – just missing this week’s snow storm thankfully. This house is going to be a timeless mix of contemporary and traditional. The owners have such great taste making it a …

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Fun with Photoshop

A RENDERING HISTORY ….. 1. Hand Paints    🙂 2. Boxes of Crayolas 3. Berol Prisma Color Pencils/Markers and Black Ink 4. Photo Shop Rendering 5. Currently becoming proficient at 3-D Modeling and Rendering 6. What’s next you ask? Virtual Touring. -Shelli 


Concept Sketches

In this profession, plenty of potential projects come across our tables that don’t necessarily get built. The reasons vary: master planning concepts and priorities change, client project scope changes, budgets change, personal situations change….etc. But each of those unfinished projects still produce an experience for us that is valuable to us. They are not considered …

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