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Melanie and John Chladek


“There is hardly a day go by that we don’t appreciate Shelli’s design of our home. It is beautiful, practical, the right size for us, and very livable. Shelli listened hard to our design wishes but also added many more of her own which resulted in this home being as close to perfection as any home could be. She also knew we had a budget and made sure we stuck to it. She was very attentive both in communicating with us when decisions needed to be made and coming on site to monitor our project. Finally, she is warm, kind, and really easy to talk to. If another building project ever appears in our future, we have no doubt who we will choose as our architect.”


“Shelli Mittmann is always a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and I would definitely recommend her team!”

Jesse Herndon

Mittmann Architect PLLC Mentioned in Mountain Living Magazine

“Inevitably, around the end of September, Mike and Misti Holley start to feel a bit glum at the thought of leaving their beautiful custom home overlooking Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene, where they spend all summer and part of the fall before returning to their primary residence in Houston. “It’s very embedded with nature,” Misti says, recalling the black bear cub she spotted—one of many now not-so-unexpected wildlife sightings.”


“In an environment where more and more architects are providing less and less – bowing to market pressure to offer minimal documents under the illusion of clients saving money, Shelli’s standards never waiver. She understands her role and responsibility as a licensed architect and is one of the few in our area that delivers thorough architectural design and construction documents. It’s a pleasure working with someone who gets it and provides clients what they truly deserve.”

Edwards Smith Construction

Mike & Misti Holley


“Dear Shelli. First and foremost, Misti and I could not be happier about the home you and your team designed for us. Living primarily in Houston, and building a home 2,000 miles away, our biggest concern was working through issues remotely. From day 1 you shot us straight. Through every turn in the project we were able to communicate well, and through any obstacle that reared its little head we came to a reasonable solution. You sent pictures, emails, texts, phone calls…whatever we needed to work through the project wile we were down in Texas. If I had questions on invoices, vendors, sub-contractors…your willingness to work through any little detail and make compromises when needed…I am just thoroughly impressed. For the construction loan releases your assistance was fantastic. Our local Texas bank had a much higher level of comfort with financing a home so far away because of your assistance. 

I would also like to mention how well you worked with our builder, Edwards Smith Construction. Well after the drawings were done your willingness to make that project meaningful, and the joint commitment, is something to not be overlooked with our level of satisfaction. I know how much they enjoyed working with you as well. Another testament to your team attitude and desire  to make us happy.

We wish you continued success and again are so very grateful for all that you have done to make our home an even more incredible place than just the magnificent view of Lake Coeur d’Alene.”


“When deciding to build our dream home on Lake Coeur d’Alene, we felt choosing the right architect was paramount to making that dream happen. Boy were we right! There have been a ton of decisions made during the process but choosing Shelli was the best decision we made. Not only is Shelli exceptionally talented she is also a lot of fun! She listened, heard, pushed a little, and designed a beautiful home that we will enjoy for years to come. If presented with the same choice, we would choose Shelli again, only our decision would be made much faster!”

LeAnne and Todd Kolb

Mitch and Julie Pierce


“We had a vision to build a very unique cabin in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We wanted it to feel as if it was built in the early 1900’s. Shelli did a tremendous amount of research identifying the design and materials to deliver exactly what we wanted for our home at the lake. It was a pleasure working with Shelli, she was ALWAYS on hand to discuss the project and made us feel as if we were her only clients.”

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