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The architect’s own nearly 84-year-old Coeur d’Alene Art Deco home underwent some much-needed TLC recently. After the devastating Jan 13th, 2021 windstorm that swept through our town, causing tremendous heartache and hardship for so many, not only was an interior remodel seriously underway, but the exterior remodel and repair was immediately forced the front. Compared to the loss others suffered, we were blessed to have only the portion of damage we were given. Our heart goes out to those who suffered greatly.

Only with the MASSIVE help and talent from Edwards Smith Construction, and their ever wonderful and reliable team of people from Buffs Drywall, ACME Electric, MJ’s Painting Inc, Tapley Cabinet Works, Jimbo’s Seamless Raingutters, Washington Window and Door, Gargoyle Granite and Marble, Pacific Stucco & Plaster, Sampson Plumbing & Heating and BCR Land Services, we have made it over the hump! It was a big undertaking, in a volatile market, with an intensely busy architect/interior designer whose home was consistently infiltrated by outsiders for a year or more…and so early every morning. Did I say early every morning? Being the current Stewards of this home, we are still tinkering, pulling the yard back together after the construction, fixing this, improving that, taming those, pulling out those other things…and generally trying to pump more years of life into the home. This re-build and remodel process was a great lesson in empathy in understanding what my own clients go through. It wasn’t easy – especially the “dealing with insurance company” part. But we are thankful to have this home and the experiences.

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