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In striving to meet your needs, our office thrives in designing beautiful, timeless and creative design solutions.

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Please let us give the care and direction you desire to meet your architectural goals. In striving to meet your needs, our office is not limited by style or type, rather, we thrive in designing Beautiful and Creative Design Solutions in service to you and your builder.

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Shelli Mittmann

Your Architect

Shelli grew up in Idaho learning how to play in the great outdoors and admire its’ God given beauty in all of its Seasons. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Idaho (1997) as a mom and a wife, plus a study abroad in Greece and Italy, she enjoyed working on great projects in places like beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sun Valley, Idaho, Connecticut and Park City, Utah. In 2000, she jumped at the opportunity attend, and then graduated, from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Summer Program in N.Y., N.Y. It is there that her passion for detailed and refined Historical and Classical Architecture melded with her current Modern day Western Style upbringing.

With a mix of University education and traveling abroad, and a grandpa teaching his young granddaughter a few life lessons, Shelli developed a sensitivity to style and sense of service to others that is unique. While a high level of professionalism, follow through and simple kindness is important, so is the ability to not take life, or self, too seriously. There is always that one time where it is just more important to take a client white water rafting! Or hike a mountain peak at lunch time with your daughter. Good design has balance that is pleasing and so does life!

portrait of shelli mittmann

Adrian "Ted" Probart

Shelli’s grandpa, Ted, and his son David, her uncle, were both architects. It was her Grandpa who taught her the art of a firm handshake in business. While it is obviously about making firm contact with the opposing hand and eyes, it is really more about showing another person that they mean something to you and you take them seriously. Shelli enjoys that exchange with others and has made that her Modus Operandi. Serving others is her personal motivator.

old portrait of Ted Probart


Where We Begin

After graduating from the University of Idaho in Dec. 1996, Shelli, her husband, John and daughters, Molly and Emily, lived in beautiful Resort towns for twelve years. In the Fall of 2009, she moved from areas like Ketchum, ID and Jackson, WY, back to Northern Idaho. Then in 2012 Mittmann Architect PLLC was formed and grew in Shelli's home office. Then, in December 2015, she was blessed to build out her current office space, on 4th Street, in "Mid Town" Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - where all the excitement continues!!

May 2012 - Present

architect drawing of the head of a pillar with leaf accents