outside sketch of pask guest house

What a fun tiny house this was. Great clients help make fun projects!

rustic kitchen with an island and sliding glass door


This client really had an eye for color that was refreshing. The kitchen has subtle variations of greens, blues and browns that came together nicely. Remember when you were a kid and wasn't O.K. to wear two different colors of green, or a deep blue with perhaps a bright green? Those days are gone. Yay!

kitchen interior with large stone island and wooden cabinets
looking out from the pask guest house kitchen into a small living area with couches and a large stone fireplace
large stone fireplace with a couch
wooden ceiling with large dark brown wood trusses and a stone fireplace
Contemporary bathroom wood tiles
wooden ceiling with heavy wooden trusses and a ceiling fan


There are many ways to design and finish trusses. Even the most contemporary style of home can sport rough-sawn beams and feel appropriate. These types of details are the accoutrements of a home or commercial project.

large, heavy wooden ceiling beams
aerial view of pask guest house roof with wooden shingles and a large stone chimney


I enjoy soo much sketching designs by hand (see blog dated March 20th). While I can't deny how beneficial 3-D computer modeling is, it still doesn't replace the visceral reaction clients get when they see a hand sketched rendering.

exterior sketches of a house next to a hill
exterior blueprint of a house next to a hill

construction by Shelter Associates    www.shelterassociates.com

structural engineering by Eclipse Engineering    www.eclipse-engineering.com

photos by Allevin Creative    www.allevin.com